Your new life is just beginning; You have arrived – what next?

The survival of Country Life….


We have compiled a list of Top Tips for living in the Countryside – all tips are kindly provided by our members!


Keep an eye on the weather.  If you heading into Winter, make sure that all your outside pipes are lagged properly.  If the temperatures drop below freezing, leave your heating on, ticking over 24 hrs a day.  It doesn’t have to be on high – just enough to keep away ice!   Also if you have had a lot of rain and there is a risk of flooding, ensure your septic tank is emptied!

Its Cold

Make sure you have lots of cosy jumpers, warm socks or Ugg Boots. Life in the countryside can be a lot colder than in the city.

Coffee Culture

Buy a good coffee machine.  Obviously we have amazing cafes in the countryside, just not ones you can generally reach within 10 minutes of waking up!


Get a car that you like to drive and preferably one that is economical.  Very little will be within spitting distance and you may spend your life in the car.


County life is very muddy!  Be prepared, have a boot box by the back door and shed muddy items as you arrive home.


Unlike London, everyone knows each other in the countryside, so watch what you say to new people when you meet them about people you have already been fortunate to meet, as they are probably great friends.  Keep your opinions to yourself until you get to know them better.

Careful what you say

Don’t say :”I wish i was still living in London” – it’s very boring!!  Understand we love it here and might wish you were back there!  Don’t say how rubbish other schools are other than yours!  Try not to be rude about their pets, no matter how stinky or badly behaved they are.  Don’t say: “We almost bought this house, but we hated the kitchen!” as it’s probably their favourite room in the house!

Careful what you say again – Other people’s children are very boring to hear about…unless they are your god children.  Don’t boast about yours!

Plan plan plan

You cannot hail a taxi after a dinner party.  You cannot pop out for redcurrant jelly if you run out. You cannot pick up a gift for a lunch party en route. There isn’t a petrol station in every village.


Its much quieter in the countryside than in the city at night, we don’t hear planes, but we do hear foxes and birds, it takes some time to get used to!

Eating Out

Restaurants and hotels stop serving at 9.30.

Bird Proof your chimney pots

Great advise from Bea at Life After London! Otherwise you will have  crow is your sittingroom!

Ask advice

Locals love to help!

Accept every invite

just to begin with….


If you have dogs make sure they are kept in a secure garden as dogs are stolen frequently in the countryside.

Dog Walks

At certain times of year, the countryside is home to many species of wildlife, if you dog is one for roaming, keep it on a lead on walks.  Game keepers get very annoyed if their wildlife are threatened by a rogue dog.

Locate your nearest Community Hospital

It will save valuable time when your offspring have injured themselves and you want to avoid A and E.

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