Its one of those things, hindsight………

It’s so easy to look back and wish you had prepared properly.  Why didn’t I charge the torches; buy more candles; make sure my generator had petrol? This article Power Cuts – Be Prepared should help!

Power cuts happen a lot in the countryside, so be forewarned, prepare and follow these simple guidelines.  (You will find a preparation checklist at the bottom of the article).

The first thing to do when your power goes off is to sneak a peak at your neighbour and make sure its not just your trip switch!

Once you have established that the whole area has also been thrown into darkness, its time to act!

If you have children in the house, remember they will probably be frightened, so keep calm and reassure them its nothing to worry about and that you are a super hero with night vision, even when you are tripping over the cat or bumping into the door.

Feel your way to where you keep the nearest candle and matches, (the one you left having read this article months ago) and light it.

Once you have lit your primary source of light – the rest should be easy.  Lights a few candles in each room, find your torches, and wait…..

Don’t forget water stays hot in the tank for a while you you will probably have warm water for 12 hours or so.

Preparation –

Matches – leave a little packet of matches next to a candle at a central place in your home – the hall maybe, on your desk, on a mantle piece, wherever you can easily feel your way to.

Electricity Board  – Know where your electricity board is located.

Torches – Check your torches are all fully charged or are working.

Candles – Next time you do your monthly shop on line, add candles to your list.

Generator – Buy a generator, they aren’t particularly expensive, they range from £60.00, which can power the fridge/freezer to £1000.00 which I guess should be able to power the whole house?!

Telephone numbers – Make sure you have the correct telephone number entered into your mobile.  Tel – 0800 3163105 or mobile 0333 3232105

Useful links –

UK power networks. –   Find your area and save the correct number to your phone, you never know when you will need it.

Guidelines for using a generator.

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