Your new life is just beginning, you are sitting in your dream home, imagining all the amazing things that the countryside will offer you, surrounded by your life, all in boxes..what to do next?

I have asked lots of members their views on what they wish friends had told them when they first arrived.

We have compiled a list of Top Tips for living in the Countryside – all tips are kindly provided by our members!

Check your oil tank 

If you have an oil boiler it is imperative that you check how much oil you have as its a nightmare if  you run out!  There are various companies who deliver oil.  Some villages take part in a sharing scheme where they all have deliveries on the same day which makes life a little cheaper.  Or you can go for a top up scheme.

Check your septic tank

You do not want to have floods without making sure your septic tank has been emptied.  Make sure if the previous owners have not emptied it, that you arrange for it to be emptied.

Coffee Culture

Buy a good coffee machine – obviously we have cafes in the countryside, just not ones you can generally reach within 10 minutes of waking up!


Make sure you have lots of Cozy jumpers and Ugg Boots. Life in the countryside is ALOT colder than in a city.  Generally you have


Get a car you like driving – Generally nothing is within spitting distance, you will spend your life in the car.


County life is very muddy! Be prepared – have a boot box by the back door and shed muddy items.


Its way quieter in the countryside than in a city at night, we don’t hear planes, we hear foxes and birds, it takes some time to get used to!

Leave A Spare Key Somewhere

Having just had to dismantle  my back door lock as for some reason the key had expanded and wasn’t working, and due to the fact I could’t remember where I had hidden the spare key, always have a spare key with a neighbor or a friend or in a safe key box for emergencies.




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