When we first announced we would be writing this article, there was a lot of interest from both members, giving their approval of the idea, and from a business worrying about it.

It is important to state that ALL the prices below are provided by companies who are listed on County Knowledge, therefore tried and tested, and more importantly we value their input and pricing.  However the prices should be used as a guide!

It’s a question we all ask: How much should I be paying?

When you need help, it can be anything from a Gardener to Childcare, from an Electrician to a Dog Walker, you need it now. And some days you want to scream “I just need some help!”

You find the perfect person for the job and then you find yourself asking the dreaded question:

– How much should I be paying?

– Are they charging me the correct amount or too much?

– If I try and negotiate, will it look rude?

– How do I even know if I’m negotiating to the correct price?

Below are a list of different trades we have listed on County Knowledge and how much, roughly, they should be charging.  As we said before, it’s only a guide, but it is a start, and we hope you find it useful.

Builders – £100 to £160 per day roughly depending on experience

We recently hired a recommended builder to mend our roof.  It is a long story. My husband is brilliant at most things (he may read this!) but occasionally misjudges it and the other day he decided to cut down a tree, which ended up hitting the house (only very slightly but enough for us to need a builder… or so we thought).  The result was a £550 bill for 6 hours work for 2 builders; £160 each for the day, petrol, insurance and time collecting the tower.

Having researched this, I think that price was on the high side and generally you can get builders for less.

‘Labour only’ £100 to £160 per day dependent upon experience.  Materials and hire of equipment will be on top.

Babysitters – from £7 upwards depending on qualification and time of day

Now this is a tricky question as there are a few different rates depending on how qualified the person is and what time of day it is etc.

Day time –  Generally qualified Child Minders charge less per hour than a sole charge Nanny, as they have more than one charge at a time and they have your child in their home.  They are also regulated and Inspected by Ofsted and have strict guidelines they have to adhere to.

Evenings – Qualified Child Minders and Nannies charge more than unqualified babysitters.

Qualified Child Minders £10 per hour upwards depending on qualification, time of day and job specification

In the day time, if you take your child to a Child Minder expect to pay around £5 per hour per child, or £40 per day which includes meals and snacks.

In the evenings if they are babysitting at your home, it is around £10 per hour which increases after midnight.

If you wish for a qualified Child Minder to sleep the night, they will charge around £100.00 for 24 hours or normal babysitting price of £10 per hour until they go to bed (10pm), £35 for while they are sleeping, and again £10 per hour from when they wake up for the Children. Generally which ever amount is the least.

Qualified Childminders Babysitting in the Evening – £10 per hour

Non Qualified Babysitters – £7 per hour

Piano Lessons – £10 per half hour 1st Child, sliding scale thereafter

A good piano teacher is like gold dust and they are worth every penny – usually around £10 per hour for 1 child and then it should be on a decreasing sliding scale, the more children they teach within the same family the less it should costs per child.

£10 for first child – then on sliding scale if you have more than one child per family.

Cleaners/Home Help – £10 upwards

Good reliable cleaners/home help are hard to find as no one wants to lose their own!  Funnily enough it’s one of the few industries we haven’t had recommended very much, maybe that’s a tell tale sign that members don’t like sharing them!

I heard a very funny story from a friend recently who hadn’t admitted to her husband of the existence of her cleaner. Every week he came home and thought she had been busy all day with the marigolds on!  She happily took the credit and life was fine, until he decided to work from home one Thursday and she couldn’t get hold of her cleaner to cancel.  So at the 11th hour my friend realised she had to come clean and admitted her secret.  He was slightly speechless I think  – is it any different to hiding new clothes at the bottom of your wardrobe?

Often people have au pairs or home help who also clean, however if you are not lucky enough to have an au pair, cleaners generally charge between £10 and £15 per hour.

Between £10 and £15 per hour

Piano Tuner £50 per piano

Obviously if someone in your family is learning the piano, it helps if it’s in tune!  Ours hasn’t been for about 2 years and my daughter blames that for the fact she hasn’t taken grade 1 yet…I am not sure that’s fair (as it is only 1 key out of tune) but I do understand it helps if you can hear the tune correctly!

£50 per piano

Interior Designer – POA

Until I walked into the house of a friend who is an interior designer, I honestly had no idea how incredibly talented these people are!  I personally couldn’t choose one lampshade from another let alone curtains, cushions, carpets, lamps and that’s not to mention where each item should be placed…it’s a minefield!

A friend who has recently finished her beautiful home,  kept her Interior Designer a secret (so many friends with so many secrets!)  However this might backfire as she has just been commissioned to help with the interiors of one of her visitors as they thought her home was finished so beautifully they asked her for help with theirs!  She hasn’t told her Interior Design friend….

Interior Designers  – They can charge per room, per contract, by time etc.  It is therefore important to set your agreement out from the beginning, sot that there are no misunderstandings.

Tutors – £70 per hour upwards

Home Tutoring seems to be growing at a rate of knots in the countryside as parents are determined to give their children the best chance of securing a place in their chosen school.  It is no longer a ‘Secret Society’.   Tutors, how to find the best one and how much to pay is a subject that is openly discussed at many dinner parties.  It does not mean your child is struggling, merely that you are ensuring entry!

Around £70 per hour.

Structural Engineers £80 + vat rising to £250 + vat

It appears that like most businesses, Structural Engineers differ hugely in price.  General rule of thumb is that they start at £80+vat for the most Junior of the Company, rising to £250 + vat for a senior partner.


Currently being researched….

– Botox

– Chemical Peels

– Window Cleaners

– Private Caterers

– Garden Designers

– Property Search Agents

– Dog Walkers

– Tree Surgeons

– Chicken Houses

– Taxi Drivers

– Building A Swimming Pool

– Golf Lessons

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